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The first and only disposable radiography holder that does it all. The Rinn Uni-Grip® holder is designed to produce an entire full mouth series using only one holder. Sliding the bitepiece along the channels enables you to take anterior, posterior and bitewing x-rays. One Uni-Grip® holder per procedure is all you need.
Universal • Accommodates ANY #1 or #2 sensor, or film/phosphor plate
Easy • Attaches in seconds  
Fast • Reposition bitepiece in a moment  
Accurate • Channels with color coding ensure correct positioning  
Comfortable • Compact size and rounded edges are easy on the patient
Convenient • No autoclaving — simply discard when procedure is done.  
Economical • One Uni-Grip® will perform an entire procedure.
Ordering Information
R550050     Uni-Grip® Kit for Digital Sensors                           
Pack of 50 Uni-Grips + 50 sensor sleeves  
R550055     Uni-Grip® Kit for Film and Phosphor Plates             
Pack of 50
R550100     Uni-Grip®AR Positioning arm and ring                   
R550250     Uni-Grip® Combo Kit for Digital sensors                  
1 Arm & Ring + 100 sensor holders + 100 sleeves
R550255     Uni-Grip® combo kit for Film and Phosphor plates     
1 Arm & Ring + 100 sensor holders + 100 sleeves
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