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Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer
  •  Enhance your diagnostic environment with even illumination throughout the screen
  • Improve analysis of your radiographs with available 2X magnification
  • Will not rust when your diagnostic film isn’t fully dry
  • Support your infection control protocol with easy-to-clean surfaces
  • Standard fluorescent light source
  • 120v models are UL and CSA listed; 220v models are TUV and CE listed

0400 Series
Viewing area: 6 x 12 (152 x 304 mm)
Dimensions: 8.5 x 13.5 x 2.75 (216 x 343 x 70 mm)
Lamp: one 8w bulb

Ordering Information
R670400     Universal Viewer 6x12" 110V
R670420     Universal Viewer 6x12" 220V
R670442     Universal Viewer 6x12" 220V with Magnifier
R003204     Replacement Fluorescent Lamp for Universal Viewer 8W