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XCP-DS Digital Sensor Holders
Your key to accurate positioning and perfect x-rays.
  • Achieve distortion-free radiographs with paralleling technique

  • Securely hold the sensor in place while precisely aligning the x-ray cone

  • Custom baskets (holders) for your digital sensor equipment

  • Meet all x-ray needs with one kit — anterior, posterior, bitewing, endo

  • Available in comprehensive kits and individual components

Easy to Use
  •  Ergonomic design for enhanced convenience and patient comfort

  •  Easily assemble components with patented color-coding

  •  Simple reordering with standardized parts for all leading brands of sensors


Ordering Information

XCP-DS Replacement Parts

Aiming Rings sold individually:
R540865 Anterior (Blue)
R540860 Posterior (Yellow)
R540934 Bitewing (Red)
R550598 Endo (Green)
Arms sold individually:
R540857 Anterior (Blue pins)
R540858 Posterior (Yellow pins)
R540927 Bitewing (Red pins)
R550597 Endo (no pins)
Bitepieces 3 per package:
R550567 Anterior (Blue)
R550568 Posterior (Yellow)
R550570 Bitewing (Red)
R550562 Endo (Green)
XCP-DS kits available for:
Schick CDR
Dent-X EVA
Sirona XIOS
Gendex Visualix/GX-S
Gendex eHD
Kodak 5100/6100
Trophy Kodak RVG 5000/6000
Trophy Kodak RVG 5
Please contact your local DENTSPLY office or representative for more details and ordering information.


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